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Due to the way we buy and sell our of-the-peg dresses, we are unable to hold them for you, so for that reason we suggest that you come to us having already had a good look around the market, this will also help you to appreciate our great value and the amazing quality of our dresses.

We suggest allowing up to 2-3 hours for your appointment to enable us to show you a selection of dresses and to give you plenty of time to try them on. We recommend you bring your Mum or a friend who you know you best and that you can trust will tell you what really  suits you, a second opinion can really help. If possible try  having your hair in a style similar to how you would like to wear it on the day as this can have a massive impact on the look of the dress,  if you have any accessories that you wish to wear on the day, bring those too so that you can see the full look. However, please appreciate that the dresses are very delicate so we ask you not to wear any jewellery that is likely to catch on the dresses. We also ask you to wear minimal make-up and no fake tan please, so that we avoid marking the dresses.

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